“Reading to those kids makes my day! I love it!” Lal


“The look on the faces of those kids when they look in the mirror and see their faces painted is precious. They don’t have a lot of happiness in their lives right now and I think the party really helps.” Lucy


“The Ballplayers and the team always make the kids feel special and loved. Their names are announced as a player and one of the kids take the field – they are introduced as ‘Future leaders of Jacksonville’ and they always get a huge response form the crowd.” Karl


“I love the ‘BUG’ (Bring Up Grades) ceremonies at the elementary school. The kids that get these awards are often the kids whose name aren’t often on the honor roll, and they are getting recognized for working hard and achieving something great.” Mary Ann


“This year’s Thanksgiving Dinner for the seniors was truly special – The Key Club kids from Fletcher High always treat the guests like they are royalty.” Perry


“Lots of our K-Kids members don’t have lots of riches either, but they sure work hard every Christmas to make sure they are giving something back to the community.”


“As a parent, it give me lots of pleasure to see the Fletcher High School Scholars serve breakfast to their parents – it’s nice to see them recognize how important their parents have been to their success.” Chuck


“It’s nice to see how our little ‘music and art’ scholarships have helped a young singer get started on her path toward becoming a music teacher” Lucy


“The Sulzbacher Center staff have always been very appreciative of all of the help we give them and their clients.” Ali


“The look of their faces when they get to the top of the stairs into the stadium is always fun – their eyes are big as saucers when they look out there and see the ball field” Jim


“I loved working on the patio for the Finegan parents – they now have a very nice place to sit and wait for their kids to come out of the school.” Max