Meetings, Events and Getting to Know Us

We are an active and vibrant club in the community. At almost all of our meetings, we host speakers from the local area and beyond to share information about organizations, happenings, events and interesting topics. We also hold many different events each year beginning with a January Charity Concert and ending each year with a Thanksgiving Dinner for Beaches area seniors. Throughout the year we sponsor events at local schools, hold a community golf outing, celebrate Christmas in July by taking homeless kids to ball games, get scary with kids from a homeless shelter at Halloween, and generally have lot of fun. Newcomers and visitors are welcome to join us at our meetings or our events. We'd love to have you!

In addition to our regular club meetings, on the second Tuesday evening of each month, we have a small 'Meet and Greet' happy hour at the North Beach Bistro. So from 5:30 until about 7:00 PM, a small group of members and guests meet and chat about ourselves and what we do as a club in the community. It's a nice informal way folks  can get to know some of us and we can get to know our neighbors. It's also lots of fun!

Our regular meetings are held at noon on the second and fourth Thursdays of each month at the North Beach Bistro, 725 Atlantic, in beautiful Atlantic Beach, Florida.

Date Type Title
02/22/2018 Meeting
03/08/2018 Meeting
03/12/2018 Meeting
03/22/2018 Meeting
04/12/2018 Meeting
04/26/2018 Meeting